Sydney-based Boxer & Co. designed the yogurt packaging for the nationwide distribution of Australian brand Yummia, created by young entrepreneur Mia McCarthy.

The packaging plays on the product’s layers and the idea of digging up fresh vegetables from a garden. Text on the lid encourages the consumer to “Dig down deep for a fruit & vege treat.” The packaging background splits into two colors—the bright top layer indicates the product’s flavor (for example, orange for cinnamon & sweet potato), and the black bottom half represents soil. Fruit and vegetable graphics rest just below the ‘soil’ surface, their leafy green tops standing out against the colorful top layer.

Boxer and Co. website reads:

“The idea was unique, charming and full of life & flavor, and so, we decided, should be the design. The final concept was a play on the layering of the product inside, (veggie purée on the bottom, yogurt on top) and the idea of digging up your veggies fresh from the garden. The entire design is hand-crafted and human in its feel, in keeping with the very personal touch that Mia gives to the Yummia brand.”


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  1. mehdi koti August 15, 2017 at 9:55 am

    I need some information on the dangers of the dairy industry.


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