The Windows 10 packaging for retail has recently leaked in advance of its imminent launch. In addition, this latest Microsoft operating system might be the last to get a physical release.

Initially revealed by German site WinFuture, the new packaging art is minimal compared to that of its Windows 8 predecessor. The Windows 10 box art features the new light-powered Windows 10 wallpaper. The background of the new box is white, a contrast to the colorful Windows 8 box. Unlike the previous version’s packaging, the Windows 10 box shows a graphic screen shot of the new OS interface. The Home Edition packaging features a blue color scheme, while the Pro Edition design isin purple, differentiating the two versions on shelf.

The packaging for USB drive copies of Windows 10 has also been revealed. These editions feature their respective blue and purple Windows logos.

The upgrade will be available online starting July 29, but the packaged versions of Windows 10 will not launch until later this year.

Some Microsoft workers refer to Windows 10 as the “last version,” as Microsoft moves towards a “Windows as a service” model. Some sites predict that Windows 10 will be the last Microsoft OS to release with physical packaging.


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