“The early bird gets the worm,” as the say. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest about upcoming food labeling rule changes coming in 2016.

Although the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed nutrition label rule changes and supplemental proposal have been available for some time, the Chief Packaging Officer team has learned that most readers don’t feel they have a strong handle of the updates for their organizations yet. In fact, approximately 70% of attendees responding to a poll at our July webinar said they felt only somewhat prepared, or had not yet begun to prepare (see chart).
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To address this gap, we partnered with the FDA on our third webinar to help our audience of packaging professionals to get ready in advance of when the final rules are announced.

The ramifications of the proposed changes for food and beverage manufacturers and packaging converters are far reaching. With both the nutrition label design and the definitions of its components — including recommended daily values — expected to change, it will take a multi-department effort to implement the labeling rule changes accurately and the coordination of effort will likely be significant to many companies.

Unlike our previous webinars, we limited this session to one speaker, Dr. Claudine Kavanaugh from the FDA’s Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine. Having been deeply involved in the proposal process, Dr. Kavanaugh is uniquely suited to speak to both the rationale and implications of the proposed changes. She gave an informative presentation and answered  17 audience questions over roughly one hour.

Ready to learn how your business may be impacted? Don’t miss out on this great resource. You can stream this information-packed webinar video and download the slide deck here.

Watch the webinar

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