Our second webinar for packaging professionals examined the latest information from the FDA about their upcoming nutrition label rule changes. While the final changes aren’t expected to be announced until 2016, the FDA presented their proposed changes for public comments in March and followed it up with an additional proposal in July.

The final nutritional label changes are expected to have a widespread impact on the packaging production process. With both the nutrition label design and the definitions of its components — including recommended daily values — expected to change,  it will take a multi-department effort to implement the rule changes accurately.

Given the broad scope of this we invited experts from the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Merieux NutriSciences to break down the rule changes into more digestible bites and offer insights on implementation challenges. Of course, a strong packaging automation system will be key to implementation, so we consulted BLUE Software for their recommended best practices to make implementing the rules as efficient and pain-free a process as possible.

Ready to learn how you can prepare today for success tomorrow? You can stream this informative webinar video and download the slide deck here. Share your questions with us in the comments section, or reach out directly to the presenters – their contact information appears on the final slide.

Watch the Nutrition Facts Relabel Webinar Now

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