Walmart has shared an analysis of its recent Great Value 2.0 redesign and announced an even fresher design for its private label brand.

Sandra Farwell, Vice President of Brand Management & Product Development for Walmart Canada, revealed the new design at the recent PAC “Winning by Design” Summit co-located with PackEx.

Farwell praised the strong identity and appealing product photography of the Great Value brand. Conversely, she identified the brand’s flaws: outdated typefaces, too much white space on larger packs, inconsistent product photography and too many colors cues.

Farwell then addressed the company’s Great Value 2.0 redesign, featuring a wave-style design scheme and less white space. About half of Great Value food SKUs were expected to switch over to the new design by April.

According to Farwell, the redesigned products saw a significant increase in sales. She provided a jar of salsa as an example, stating that this particular product saw a 21 percent sales increase.

Farwell also introduced Great Value version 2.1, which includes a logo change that will be extended from the U.S. to Canadian products. Farwell said Great Value 2.1 will feature a more modern typography and “banner and tombstone,” top and bottom graphic callouts.


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