Southern Comfort has announced new visual packaging for its ready-to-drink (RTD) products. Brand owner Brown-Forman appointed JDO Brand & Design to strengthen Southern Comfort’s identity.

JDO decided to take advantage of the product’s secondary packaging real estate. The UK agency said that this outer packaging serves as “portable advertising” and can be more important than primary packaging on the shelf.

The visual packaging stars a centered and supersized graphic of the product bottle. The blue sky backdrop contains golden clouds and warm highlights—perhaps representing the end of the day when it’s time to kick back and relax. JDO designed the packaging to leverage the brand’s tagline, “Whatever’s Comfortable.”

JDO Creative Director Ray Smith said:

“The Southern Comfort RTD secondary packs needed to celebrate the newly designed primary packs and echo the brand’s personality embracing its strong, comfortable character and stand out from the crowd. The ‘larger than life’ RTD bottle and can are shot with epic perspective against an endless sky and rendered in low-fi colors to deliver the ‘confident effortless attitude’ that the brand has running through its DNA.”

The new design will be featured on a variety of secondary packaging for both can and bottles of the RTD product in Australia and New Zealand. According to Brown-Forman, these two countries account for 60 percent of the global RTD market.


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