Dove has once again partnered with JDO Brand & Design—this time to redesign its core hair care line. The UK-based design agency was engaged to create visual packaging to elevate the brand to a more expert hair care position and complete the Dove brand story.

“The new design clearly differentiates the core range from the more premium advanced hair series tier and brings better cohesion across the brand as a whole,” Dove Global Brand Director Renato Rossi said.

The designers created an icon of two intertwined elements that represent instant and cumulative deep nourishment benefits. The team also used gradients, layers, line work and foiling techniques to communicate these benefits. The existing hair therapy design has been rebranded as “Nutritive Solutions,” and its color has been changed from silver to gold. The graphics have also been updated.

Tim Jebb, co-founder and project director at JDO, said:

“We’ve established Dove Hair’s unique care and nourishment point of difference at the center of the redesign. The core range has been elevated to deliver a superior hair care experience whilst tapping into new trends and leveraging the power of the master brand.”


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