London design agency Colt created visual packaging for Adidas’ Manchester United promotional kit.

Adidas appointed Colt to create the limited edition packs for an exclusive list of influencers—“valued supporters and opinion formers.” The agency had to design the packaging to fit alongside the Adidas #BreakExpectations campaign, which markets the start of a new era for Manchester United.

Colt set off to create visual packaging centered on a trident design and dotted ‘M’ pattern that had been created for the campaign. From there, the design team employed foils, cuts and foams to create tactile, visual packaging with a luxury feel.

The resulting package is made of two main parts—a slipcase and a box. Colt used a silky tactile paper lining and red, white and black metallic foils. Removing the slipcase and opening the hinged box reveals a jersey sitting inside a black foam tray, covered by a page filled with die-cut circles. The die-cut page is sewn into the magnetic device that closes the box.

Ben Goldhagen, Senior Manager (Team Sports) at Adidas, said:

“We’re delighted with the packaging Colt have produced for us. The Manchester United launch and Breaking Expectations campaign has been a huge focus for the brand this year across the Globe and Colt were able to make the experience extra special for some of Manchester United’s most valued supporters.”


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