VariBlend has announced a new dual chamber, polypropylene tube for custom product packaging.

The dual-dispensing technology company collaborated with tube-maker Viva Healthcare Packaging to create the new package. According to VariBlend, the tube is fully recyclable, customizable and features an easy-to-open flip top. Each chamber can be adjusted to hold up to four ounces of product, the company added.

The company said the dual-chamber tubes can be decorated with IML, silkscreen, metallic, pearl effect, foil, hot stamping, cap and ring options and more. High definition graphics and foil labels can also be used, VariBlend said.

VariBlend plans to combine its custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology and Viva’s polypropylene dual-chamber tubes to create packaging for categories like skin care, hair care and sunless tanning.

The original dual-chamber dispenser is already being used for a sunless tanning product.

VariBlend President and CEO Robert Brands said, “Our new dual-chamber tube offerings with Viva solidifies our position as the go-to source for dual-dispensing solutions. Our broad and deep range opens new formulation opportunities wherever two ingredients must be kept separate until the very moment of usage.”


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