Value Smart Products, a private-label products company out of Suwanee, GA had a problem. They had developed an in-wash scent booster and they thought what they were offering what pretty great. They’d offered eight different fragrance options that were being sold at large retail chains nationwide. Things seemed to be going well. There was only one problem; in order discover whether or not the fragrance was to their liking, customers had to open the packaging. As VSP President Drew Harrison explains “After disassembling the package, many shoppers would not reassemble it, making the product unsalable.” This was not good.

The answer, of course, was developing new packaging for VSP’s in-wash scent booster product line. A package that allowed consumers to sample the fragrance, without harming the package, requiring it not be taken off the shelf. Value Smart Products, in a search for an innovative solution to their problem, turned to Berlin Packaging and it’s Studio One Eleven design team. Beginning in Q4-2014 Berlin Packaging went to work on a package that would differentiate VSP’s booster scent container from its competitors, while still keeping it appropriate for category needs. They sought a closure that could fit both a 9.7 and a 13.2 oz bottle while keeping the overall design completely seamless.

The first step was to replace the stock flip-top overcap. “The overcap suffered from several problems” agreed Harrison “It was difficult to remove, didn’t match aesthetically, and was not the correct diameter to snap over the flapper cap,” Berlin suggested using a threaded polypropylene cup that could be used for measuring doses. And to solve the problem of customers needing to open the package in order to sample the scent, the dosage cup comes with two tiny pinholes. These allow consumers to sample the product with a simple squeeze of the PED bottle with no need to tamper with the package. And despite the pinholes allowing the product to be sampled, they do not allow moisture to penetrate the package and potentially spoil the product.

As an added bonus, the flip-top assembly comes with a smaller overcap, which allows consumers to pour and measure the amount of booster they want to add. And the removable cam also offers users greater ease when pouring ingredient into high-efficiency, front-loading washing machines.

Since it’s debut in 2015 Meijer and other high profile retail chains have decided to carry the product.



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