UPS has developed four new cold chain packaging types to enhance its “UPS Temperature True Packaging” service. The company created the specialized service to control the temperature of healthcare products through the supply chain. The new package designs are engineered, tested, and prequalified for deployment in UPS’s U.S. domestic network based on a 56-hour profile.

Wanis Kabbaj, director, global healthcare strategy at UPS, told Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News, that with many years’ experience in cold-chain packaging,

“There’s high interest in our temperature profiles, so we invested to learn more about our network and used that knowledge to help engineer cold-chain packaging. In addition, a large portion of the market sees the process of engineering cold-chain packaging as constraining, and often don’t have the resources in-house to do so. So we developed prequalified solutions.”

Kabbaj added, “We are trying to help customers solve packaging issues with the most streamlined range of solutions for a diversified set of use cases whether in a 2-8° shipper or a cryogenic package or small-package freight forwarding. It is all part of a palette from which customers can pick to meet their needs. We also have a pipeline of innovations.”

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Managed by UPS’s ISTA-certified packaging test lab in Addison, Illinois, the offerings are designed to help customers shorten product package design and testing by helping with qualification, validation, and distribution tests as well as with dimension optimization.



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