As New York City-based Plated grew, the meal-kit delivery service company decided to replace its plastic packaging with a more environmentally friendly option. The company has switched its plastic liners for a sustainable packaging material — recycled burlap bags!

Washington, D.C.-based TemperPack supplied Plated with recycled bags made of a vegetable fiber from the jute plant. Plated said it chose the material because jute is affordable to grow, durable and renewable. Plated’s Director of Operations and Logistics Katie Horgan said the company debated whether to use 100 percent recycled or 100 percent recyclable material and settled on the former because it “adds the least amount to the waste change.”

TemperPack produces and assembles the one-piece jute liners at its facility in Virginia. It ships the finished products to Plated’s fulfillment centers in California, Chicago, Miami and New York. According to TemperPack, Jutebox emits only 0.23 pounds of carbon dioxide per pound of insulation when manufactured, while traditional polyurethane insulated liners emit 4.5 pounds.

Plated said it has received much positive feedback since the switch to the jute sustainable packaging material. Horgan said:

“Our customers have been reusing the compostable insulation as anti-weed mats for their gardens, lining their window plant boxes, adding the jute to their compost pile, and finding other creative and environmentally friendly ways to repurpose. We are committed to bringing our customers packaging with a gentler footprint, and we hope to initiate a dialogue about the environmental impact of the rise of e-commerce.”


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