Bud Light has created 200,000 unique package designs using vertical-printing technology from HP. The cans will be available exclusively to attendees of the Mad Decent Block Party, a music festival touring in 18 different cities across the U.S. and Canada this summer.

The beer company used HP Indigo digital-press technology along with its SmartStream Mosaic algorithm to create thousands of variations from an original set of 31 designs. Based on parameters set by Bud Light, the algorithm could create 31 million variations, according to Gina Bazigian, Packaging Innovations Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Bud Light said the initiative targets Millennials craving a unique experience. Bud Light’s creative team partnered with Virtue Worldwide, VICE’s in-house creative services agency, and Diplo’s L.A.-based record label Mad Decent to create the designs. The Mad Decent team created four of the unique package designs, while the other 27 were created by various artists.

Bud Light Vice President Alex Lambrecht said:

“The [cans are] very much in line with what Bud Light wants to do for Millennials. We know they want something unique and an unexpected experience, and I feel that they will be so surprised and inspired when they order a Bud Light and get these cans… There will be more initiatives in the future. What the scale will be, we are exploring.”

h/t: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/heres-how-bud-light-designed-200000-different-colorful-cans-166194

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