The new YuMi Robot from ABB may have packaging manufacturing applications, according to Alex Miller, ABB media relations. Miller said that although the two-arm robot was not specifically designed for applications in the packaging industry, “its versatility and ability to collaborate with humans open up a great deal of possibilities, most of which are yet to emerge.”

The name “YuMi”—a combination of “you” and “me”—was chosen to symbolize collaborative work between humans and robots. Although YuMi was specifically designed for small-parts assembly and has been used extensively in the electronics market, ABB supports its use in the packaging industry.

Rick Tallian, ABB manager of picking, packing and palletizing products, said:

“There will be packaging applications for YuMi. We are hearing about applications that require a high degree of customization and flexibility. These applications may change on a daily or weekly basis to meet the customer demands. I believe that more opportunities with these characteristics will be identified as we further introduce this technology to the marketplace.”


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