Natasha Jen, a partner at design consultancy Pentagram, traveled far to find packaging design inspiration for direct-to-consumer tea brand Teabox.

When Jen visited the tea company’s gardens and production warehouses in Darjeeling, India, she noticed that distinct stenciled lettering appeared on every shipping crate.

“It was used back in the day when the East India Trading Company was around,” Jen said. “With stencil you can just cut it out of a plate and spray paint, and that would have been faster than some other applications.”

The crates inspired the new Teabox packaging design. Jen created a slick modern typeface based on the original stenciled lettering and paired the black font with solid blocks of color. The package color correlates to each tea variety, such as brown for chai and seafoam for Nova green tea. Some varieties feature two color blocks, denoting a theme like “Serenity” and “Renew.”

Teabox hopes to use its simple, modern packaging to make tea more approachable. According to Jen, most tea companies still rely on antiquated design cues to market their products. Teabox’s mix of modernity and tradition reflects the future of tea, which looks bright. Analysts predict that the tea industry will continue to grow, driven by consumer health-consciousness. In the trend-spotting arena, Similar to Teabox, Celestial Seasonings recently changed its logo, and the brand update retained Victorian Era design elements.


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