Technology company Convectra has developed a serialization-based packaging system for protecting infant formula from counterfeiting. According to the company, it created the new track-and-trace system in response to increasing demand for “brand and supply chain integrity” of baby formula.

The packaging system consists of a serialized barcode applied to the bottom of the formula can and to additional packaging, such as case and pallet. According to the Westborough, Massachusetts-based company, these barcodes allow the product to be tracked and traced through the entire supply chain.

The serialization system uses open software architecture and Rockwell Automation technology to print and verify the barcodes, Convectra said. Secure, consumer-friendly authentication features can also be placed on the can, the company added.

Convectra uses an AuthentiTrack® database to generate and manage serial numbers. Hosted in Microsoft Azure® Cloud, the database keeps a record of when a barcode has been scanned. According to the company, consumers can easily check a product’s integrity by using a Convectra smart phone barcode scan app.


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