In the growing global packaging market, increased demand has led to increased innovation in recent years. With a projected growth of $44 billion in the next four years, much of which will occur in developing regions, WhatTheyThink maps out the five biggest trends in packaging given concerns regarding transportation, cost-efficiency, environmental impact, and increased competition.

  1. Migration barriers to ensure the surface of food packaging does not come into harmful contact with edible goods.
  2. Decreasing the amount of packing materials used in order to reduce cost and environmental impact—a win-win!
  3. Singe-serve packs to account for single person households and enhance the experience of the individual consumer.
  4. Advanced printing techniques like digital packaging, the usage of QR codes, holographic images, and even 3D technology in order to differentiate products in more competitive markets.
  5. Smart packaging that uses sophisticated techniques to communicate with the consumer and uphold increased legislation and control within the industry.

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