In late May the FDA announced that they would be updating their labeling guidelines for CPG brands. Taking effect in June of 2018, the Nutrition Facts labels update will require a number of modifications, including serving sizes per container, bolded calorie counts, and inclusion of the actual amount –not just the daily value- of vitamins and minerals will be some of the more notable changes.

These modifications come as the amount of food ingested by the average consumer, as well as packaging sizes for food products have changed significantly since the nutrition facts panel was first introduced in 1993. Further, there is a sharp increase in consumer demand for transparency in the products that they buy. Whether it’s avoiding allergens, harmful ingredients or complying with specialized diets, consumers focus on keeping up with the demands of their dietary lifestyles has grown increasingly important.

CPG companies, especially those who offer more indulgent food choices, may discover new challenges coming from the new label requirements. Consumer perception of some brands may change in the wake of a more comprehensive understanding of what goes into each product. With that in mind, it’s important to start thinking ahead for ways to combat negative perceptions and offer different, more appealing options including different portion sizes. Meanwhile, small companies will have extra time to update their labels, while larger brands will need to be proactive in getting to the deadline on time.

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3 Questions about the FDA Nutrition Facts Label Changes that Manufacturers Should Ask:

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