Business operations are being improved dramatically each and every day by new technologies and software. 

You can find software for just about every facet of your business and operations. Time-tracking, project management, accounting, and much more — each designed to help your organization more efficient. The core function of all of these different types of software is to streamline your operations by making mundane, time-consuming tasks obsolete.

For example, project management software has boosted productivity for new product and marketing launches. Project managers can keep tabs on the progress of the overall project from one central location using project management software. This means they’ll save time sending emails asking for status updates constantly. According to PWC, 77% of high performing projects use project management software. Not only does having this type of software help streamline tasks, it also helps your team scale and replicate similar projects, faster. 

Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on packaging management software that will both streamline your go-to-market process, as well as expedite it — making packaging concept to creation, prototype to on-the-shelf simpler than ever before. 

In other words, if you want to improve your packaging management and design process, then make sure you try these software solutions today! 


WebCenter is your all-in-one packaging management software that will help you drastically improve your packaging and label and artwork process. 

From one centralized location, your packaging team (and others involved in the process) can review and approve content and graphics, reduce the probability of errors by keeping everyone on the same page and increase your speed-to-market with a detailed dashboard and automated workflows. Task owners even get reminders when he or she has work due. All of these features will allow you and your team to reduce project management time by 40%, allowing your department to become a more efficient team and reduce friction across silos. 

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Some of the additional features of WebCenter include: 

  • Packaging Content Management which includes: copy, nutritional fact tables, ingredients, etc.
  • Easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools
  • View, mark-up, and approve CAD files, PDF files, and image files with WebCenter’s high-resolution viewer
  • Braille Reader and Barcode Reader
  • Consumer-grade, social media-inspired user interface
  • KPIs and reporting 
  • Integration with all of Esko’s products: Studio, Store Visualizer, ArtiosCAD, CapePack, and MediaBeacon 


ManageArtworks provides value in many different facets when it comes to packaging. Artwork approval workflow capabilities, collaboration and proofing tools, asset libraries, and reporting and metrics for packaging insights can all be found with ManagageArtworks’ solutions. 

Some more specific capabilities of this packaging software include: 

  • Receive email alerts on pending tasks
  • Checklists and annotation tools to reduce rework
  • Automatically manage different versions of the files, thumbnails for a quick preview


Loftware eliminates the needs for emails and spreadsheets and, therefore, costly errors and delayed time-to-market. With Loftware, companies will be able to improve their collaboration between all stakeholders, automate critical paths with real-time workflows, and identify packaging projects that are behind schedule.

Some specific Loftware features are: 

  • Advanced workflows with sub-tasks for quick identification of bottlenecks
  • Multilingual copy translation capabilities
  • A centralized Digital asset library

What are you waiting for? Reach out to these packaging software companies to streamline your process today! 

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