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9 inspirational packaging design trends for 2017

Retrieved from:, January 6, 2017, by Martis Lupus Trends are mysterious things. Some stay for years and others are just a swift shimmer that leave as fast as they enter the scene. Still others shift and…

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Anthropologie Perfume’s Creative Packaging Tells Bittersweet Love Story

Romance novels inspired the creative packaging for Anthropologie’s new fragrance collection. The Fictions line’s book-shaped packaging commits to a strong storytelling metaphor. Tru Fragrance & Beauty LLC headed the project’s creative direction and product development….

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Creative Packaging for New Hair Care Product Capitalizes on ‘Cocktailing’ Trend

Chicago-based ORS has released creative packaging for its new hair conditioning product. The Shealicious™ Hair Conditioning Cocktail addresses the current D.I.Y. concocting trend, popularized by YouTube beauty gurus. The product’s yogurt-like packaging consists of two…

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