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Falls Church, Virginia-based Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) has released its 2015 Trends Report, which includes insights from industry workers throughout the entire packaging value chain. According to the report, sustainable packaging remains a long-term trend in the industry. This year’s report cites a significant amount of responses that specifically mentioned compostable packaging.

FPI President Lynn Dyer said:

“When it comes to foodservice packaging and the materials used to manufacture them, interest in ‘sustainable,’ ‘green’ or ‘environmentally-friendly’ options continue to be popular. What’s notable this year is the overwhelming number of mentions related to compostable packaging. We create this Trends Report each year to help our members understand what’s driving sales so they can take advantage of these opportunities and support the changing needs of their customers.”

Other major trends include the use of graphics and color for brand differentiation and brown Kraft paper to create a more “natural look.” The report identifies environmentally-friendly raw materials, highly automated machines, consolidation and SKU rationalization, customized food and beverage products and smaller, on-the-go items as additional trends.

The sustainable packaging trend can be seen in several recently launched on-the-go food and beverage containers. Earlier this year, Tri-Star Packaging launched an Eco Street line of compostable containers. Vegware also launched its street food packaging line, the Tasting Notes Collection, featuring word bubble graphics and bright colors printed on renewable and recycled materials.


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