Nissin Foods has improved its cup noodle packaging material by making it sustainable and with extra room for its Cup Noodles product. The more spacious cup capitalizes on a recent consumer trend—adding natural ingredients to packaged foods to create healthier, customized meals. A marketing image depicts the new cup overflowing with a cornucopia of fresh ingredients such as carrots, tomatoes, shrimp, broccoli and cheese.

More and more, companies are developing packaging based on consumer insights and feedback. The ‘extra room’ cup addresses a specific consumer trend and shows that instant noodles need not be sacrificed to maintain a healthy diet.

Possibly, Nissin has taken notice of the many ‘healthy ramen’ recipes available on food blogs and other online resources for inspiration.

The design replaces the cup’s former foam with a microwaveable and sustainable packaging material. According to Nissin, the new cup results in a 20 percent reduction in overall carbon emissions. This addresses the growing consumer demand for sustainability in the products they choose, the company said.

Linda Chung, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Nissin Foods USA, said:

“As people increasingly look for ways to create their own healthier meal options, Nissin has launched the new Cup Noodles to help meet their customizable demands. By changing our packaging, we’ve made enjoying the same noodles our consumers love even easier by putting it in a new and improved cup that is now microwavable, customizable, and more sustainable.”


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