Rogers Family Coffee has developed sustainable coffee pods that are made from bio-based materials and certified compostable. While biodegradable coffee filters have been around for a long time, Tom Garber, vice president of product development for Rogers Family Coffee, felt it was time to create a sustainable match for modern coffee brewing systems.

“We wanted to switch to an environmentally friendly material, while maintaining the high quality and value that we have always provided to our customers,” he said.

Changing the traditional plastic material to one that would comprise as much biodegradable material as possible was a challenge because coffee requires specific barriers against oxygen and moisture to retain freshness. Rogers Family Coffee was able to achieve its sustainable packaging mission by using NatureFlex, a cellulose-based, compostable, and flexible bag with barrier properties. NatureFlex is a product of Innovia Films, a UK-based company with experience packaging for the coffee and tea industries. The result is a 97 percent biodegradable coffee pod.

“Introducing packaging materials based on renewable resources is part of Rogers Family Company strategy. This laminate construction with NatureFlex combines the packaging quality and functionality our premium coffees require and is fully aligned with our company’s sustainability goals,” Garber said.


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