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Goddess Garden Organics learned that its sunscreen’s bottle packaging was not leaving enough impact on consumers. The brand’s name was getting lost. The solution? A redesign.

The biggest problem, the company discovered, was visual clutter. The Goddess Garden bottle cited several benefits of its mineral sunscreen formulation, as an alternative to chemical sunscreens. Unfortunately, this information effectively hid the brand.

Goddess Garden CEO and Founder Nova Covington remarked on the shortcomings of the original design:

“Our packaging was a little kitschy, but it was very memorable. Unfortunately, the name of our company was buried. People who knew our products could find us on shelf, but we ended up having brand recognition challenges because they couldn’t remember the name of our company.”

Goddess Garden contacted Hatch Design to create a new, simplified, brand-enhancing bottle packaging design. Hatch achieved this by reorganizing information on the bottle while keeping some of the bottle’s recognizable elements, including its green color and the ladybug icon on the kids’ version.

Hatch enlarged and centered the hummingbird from the brand’s original logo, affirming it as the icon of the brand. As a whole, the new bottle packaging was designed to reflect the brand’s ideals of simplicity and cleanliness.


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