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Content Submission Guidelines

The packaging community is comprised of dedicated professionals in many disciplines and we’re pleased to provide a unique platform for you to share your thoughts, ideas and experience with your peers. welcomes diverse points of view and expertise from those who touch packaging from the perspectives of branding, marketing, sales, customer experience, graphics/printing, P&L, legal, regulatory, R&D, product management, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service.

Submissions may be in the following content categories:

  • Blog posts (500 to 750 words) – Blog posts should provide timely, expert commentary on current packaging issues. They should be written in a conversational style designed to encourage comments from others.
  • Feature Articles (750 to 1200 words) – These can include case studies and topics such as innovation strategies, the evolution of the packaging role at your company, how you are solving packaging problems, and any of the news categories and industries covered on
  • Whitepapers and other longer form content – These should be research-based and make a case for some new aspect of the packaging process and offers suggestions for continuous improvement
  • Video (60 to 180 seconds) – Videos can present the view of a single spokesperson or can be in interview form. (See technical requirements below)
  • Infographics — Accompany infographics with a headline and 200-300 words of copy created exclusively for positioning the infographic for our audience, and a hi-res pdf of the artwork.

All voluntary content submissions:

  • Should be created expressly for the community. However, on a case basis, we will consider licensing whitepapers and other research-based content that was developed for other uses.
  • Will be subject to review by the editorial board and to editing for spelling, grammar, style, tone and length. If more significant edits are required, the article will be returned to the author with recommendations.
  • Should be vendor neutral and non-commercial in nature.
  • Will become the property of, may be publicized via social media, email and may be further syndicated with attribution to the original author.
  • Are provided to for the benefit of the packaging community without monetary compensation.
  • Should be in compliance with your company’s policy for submitting articles to third parties and have any company-required permissions/approvals in place.
  • Should be provided in the following formats:
    • Blog Posts, Articles –
    • Whitepapers —
    • Other graphics that we may post with permissions in place –
  • Should include:
    • Author’s name and title
    • Company Name and Division (if applicable)
    • City and State/Country
    • Author’s email address and daytime phone number
    • Content topic and a brief summary of the article (Up to 500 characters)
    • An author bio blurb (Up to 250 characters)
    • A recent author headshot
    • Content sent electronically in the proper format as noted above with Article Submission in the subject line

Content submissions should be sent to

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