Vegetable and fruit juice SaladPower comes in sterile packaging from Tetra Pak. The carton features bright graphics of vegetables and a green cap. Text on the front advertises the drink’s “2.75x Servings of Vegetables.”

SaladPower CEO Stephan Lotfi said his New York company chose the aseptic carton because it protects the product from light and oxygen. According to Lotfi, the carton retains the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables, eliminating the need for preservatives or artificial ingredients.

SaladPower also wanted its container to be sustainable and recyclable. Tetra Pak said it makes its cartons from a renewable resource—paper made from specific regrown trees.

According to SaladPower, its product is 100 percent natural, non-GMO, has lower calories and sugar and more vitamins and vegetables. The original Just Veggies blend includes kale, carrot, spinach, tomato, celery, green bell pepper and cucumbers. Three additional varieties also include fruit: +Mango, +Apple and +Pineapple.

Lotfi said:

“We put only the best ingredients into SaladPower. We use sustainably grown non-GMO vegetables and fruits, along with naturally sourced vitamin C for an extra boost, and we make sure our price point stays reasonable. There’s no funny business in our juices because simple ingredients always work best.”


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