Unified Grocer has upgraded its Springfield private label, which includes some 800 SKUs. The company has released a newly designed portfolio of packaged fruits and vegetables. The redesign was headed by Murray Brand Communications. The first step in The process included brand equity research,  repositioning and new messaging with the objectives of creating greater value perception among both value conscious and upscale consumers. Murray Brand Communications updated the can and bag labels to resemble corner street signs to convey the brand’s image as a neighborly, trusted institution.

To depict freshness, designers chose a yellow and green color palette to complement an illustration of clear skies and spring foliage, they said.

The brand retained photographic images of the food featured for each product as on earlier packaging, enabling customer recognition.

As private label gains traction in the retail industry, Unified Grocer is among the many brands working to update packaging.

h/t: http://www.packagedesignmag.com/news-from-our-readers/springfield-private-label-redesign-by-murray-brand

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