Packaging plays a vital role in marketing within toys and games; possibly even more so than in other industries. Toy and game packaging must appeal to both adults and children alike, quickly inform the customers what the toy is and what it does, and must ‘sell’ its value.

Toronto-based company, Spin Master™, is a rapidly growing player in the global toy market with an impressive range of products, from classics such as Etch A Sketch to one of the most advanced dolls ever, the award-winning Luvabella™, which provides hundreds of lifelike expressions and interactive responses.

“We focus heavily on innovation at Spin Master, thinking beyond the boundaries of what’s already out there for children,” says Visual Brand Design Manager, George Olarte, “We also apply that creativity and innovation to our packaging design. Studio is helping us to take that to the next level.”

Esko Studio is a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging artwork professionals. Studio is a powerful tool for designers, allowing them to work faster, more creatively and with technical accuracy, without the need for physical mockups.

“The packaging for children’s toys can be quite complex,” says Olarte. “Not only is there a box, but often trays, blister packs, and other elements. Previously, there was simply no way to envision the whole picture without physically mocking it up. Now with Studio, we render the entire packaging in realistic 3D. It is particularly impressive that we can add textures, embossing and debossing, holograms and so on – it is so realistic.”

The packaging renders are so realistic that Spin Master has been able to reduce the overall number of physical mock-ups they develop. “With far fewer physical mock-ups and a simpler review process, we have seen significant savings in both time and costs,” said Olarte, “What’s more, it frees up time for our structural engineering teams – instead of developing mockups, they work on new initiatives and new creative concepts. The value that this brings to the organization is incalculable because innovation is our lifeblood.”

Download the testimonial to learn more about how Spin Master uses Esko’s Studio.

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