With the help of seven international creators, German brewery Warsteiner has curated its third limited edition Art Collection. The series features aluminum bottles, a form of specialty packaging previously explored by Coca-Cola, and was produced using enhanced printing techniques by Ardagh Group. The packaging was created to attract contemporary, upscale consumers to the historic brand. Warsteiner has been produced in Germany since 1753.

Ardagh Group printed the series of six 11-ounce aluminum bottles. The printing process used sharp screens and solid covering colors on brushed transparent metal effects and gold tones. Each bottle features the work of a different artist.

Andy Chiu, Warsteiner’s head of brand, appeared in a video about the specialty packaging.

Chiu said:

“Prior to the final production, a lot of work had to be carried out within the supply chain. It is an incredible feeling when you hold the final bottle in your hands.”

The series recently collected prizes in the 2014 World Beverage Awards and the 2015 If Design Awards.

h/t: http://www.foodandbeveragepackaging.com/articles/87778-warsteiner-art-collection-shows-its-metal

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