Progresso has released visual packaging for its new line of cooking stocks. The soup company teamed up with Hornall Anderson to create a design that would not only reflect its 100+ years of history, but also appeal to adventurous new cooks.

The Progresso Cooking Stock packaging ditches its old cornucopia icon for a more simplified artisan design. The containers feature two shades of blue—recognizable from other Progresso products—realistic illustrations of the ingredients and modern typography.

The side panel explains Progresso’s history and passion for food. The back panel encourages consumers to “Get Creative” and suggests a few uses for the stock.

Hornall Anderson said:

“In order to communicate the higher quality of product inside the package, the design needed to appeal to cooks’ creative aspirations as well as demonstrate clear superiority over the competition. By understanding that premium brands create trends rather than follow them, the result was a solution that radically broke category conventions—building on years of heritage to create a fresh, new perspective.”

Visual packaging cues like unique illustrations and typography seem to be a trend for food and beverage brands. V8 decorated its +Energy can with hand-drawn illustrations and contrasting typography. In anticipation of its nation-wide release, ice cream brand Phin and Phebes used proprietary typography and illustrations to create a strong brand personality and appetizing appearance. Dominos Pizza hired artist Steven Noble to design a set of hand-drawn icons and word blocks for its pizza boxes.


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