New Jersey-based Smith Design has designed the snack packaging for Skippy’s new P.B. Bites. The packaging features a re-sealable lid and a clear window to display the product.

According to Skippy, the new snack is being differentiated as a healthy alternative to other bite-sized, on-the-go candy options. At five grams of protein per serving, the product responds to the current demand for high protein snacks, the company said.

Since Hormel Foods Corp. acquired the Skippy brand for $700 million in 2013, it has introduced several new products. These include Skippy Singles and limited edition flavors like salted caramel.

James Splinter, group vice president of Hormel’s Grocery Products unit, said:

“We had talked about our innovation out of the jar, [but] this is our first really purely innovative effort to do just that using our innovation resources and our marketing resources, our R&D groups. This represents breakthrough innovation, and we did work very closely with the Grocery Products brand team as well as the corporate innovation team to ideate around this area of snacking and looking for that opportunity, and we knew that on-the-go was important, but officiating protein and the role that peanut butter plays in a delivery system really gave us the confidence that we have it correct.”

Smith Design created the brand identity and packaging for the two initial varieties of P.B. Bites — Double Peanut Butter and Pretzel.


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