Irish corrugated packaging company Smurfit Kappa has created the “Shelf-Facer” to help increase product visibility. According to the company’s testing, the “Shelf-Facer” can increase visibility by up to 50 percent by immediately pushing back-up product to the front of the shelf when a package is sold. This allows brands to optimize in-store marketing opportunities.

According to Smurfit Kappa’s white paper “Marketing on the Shelf – Exactly How In-Control Are You,” 76 percent of purchase decisions are made in-store; something brands often fail to capitalize on. To quantify the impact of the Shelf-Facer, Smurfit Kappa used proprietary eye-tracking technology, developed with partner Eyesee, to map where shoppers’ eye is most drawn to on the shelf.

This was an important factor in the decision to create the Shelf-Facer to maintain uninterrupted product visibility at the front of the shelf.

Smurfit Kappa senior vice president Arco Berkenbosch said:

“After a great deal of testing and research, we are confident the Shelf-Facer will prove an important new tool that will help brands sell more of their products in-store. We understand the importance of grabbing consumer attention at the point of purchase and, in line with our ongoing commitment to maximise value for our business partners, we are pleased to have created a product that is proven to drive commercial success.”


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