Taking smart packaging to the next level, London-based designer Solveiga Pakštaitė has received a patent for a bio-reactive label to better communicate product expiration dates. The concept: Bump Mark, a gelatin-based label that breaks down with time, revealing bumps as the product inside gets closer to expiration. The vision: less food waste for savvy, eco-conscious consumers. Specifically catering to such shoppers, Pakštaitė aims to use plant-based gels acceptable to vegetarian/vegan lifestyles.

Still in the planning phase, Pakštaitė is seeking a commercial partner to make her patented process a reality in food packaging. Here is a video she made for an independent TED event in London speaking about her design philosophy.

h/t http://bigthink.com/design-for-good/smart-food-expiry-label-reacts-to-the-environment-could-significantly-reduce-food-waste

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