In this new age of smart packaging, near field communication shows potential for denoting freshness. Color-changing labels that indicate product freshness are becoming an interesting concept. One reason according to is consumer skepticism of sell-by and use-by dates.
Near field communication (NFC) is a form of data recognition technology that’s commonly used for mobile phones, appearing, for example, in the now-familiar form of QR codes. While incorporating NFC into packaging to detect and display the state of freshness is still beyond the state of today’s technology, Canadean analyst Sam Allen says:

“Opportunities here are to use NFC for things like color-changing indications of when bread is at its freshest, then changing when it’s still good, and finally when the bread goes stale—this would be done either by technology to track the date or more likely through air exposure and an analysis of the breakdown of bread.”

He added that the potential of this type of smart packaging “should not be underestimated,” as more indulgent sectors such as cakes, cookies, and savory baked goods often face consumer distrust regarding freshness.

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