Ink manufacturing company Chromatic Technologies Inc. has developed thermochromic pull tabs for beverage cans. Chromatic Technologies Inc. is known for its thermochromically-inked temperature indicating beverage cans, made popular by Coors Light’s cold-activated feature used to demonstrate its slogan, “Beer as Cold as the Rockies.” It was also used in a summertime promotional can for Coca Cola.




Following three years of research and development, CTI offers pull tabs that change colors to indicate whether the can’s contents are warm or cold. The patent-pending tabs will come in blue, green, and red. The tabs go beyond the typical temperature-activated feature on the sidewall and serve a previously unmet need for display in ice chests and crowded refrigerators.

Lyle Small, founder and president of CTI, told Brand Packaging:

“CTI has had an explosion of innovation in the last 12 months, and cold-activated tabs are one of the highest-scoring ideas for purchase intent across beer, soda and energy drinks. Many brands are spending incremental money on decorative colors for tabs. Our ‘cold-activated tabs’ now give brands the option to make that decoration functional and ensure consumers obtain cold beverages.”




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