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Alcoholic beverage company Diageo has collaborated with “smart systems” developer Thin Film Electronics USA to create a new “smart bottle” for its Johnnie Walker Blue Label brand.

The packaging is made with printed sensor tags that can be read by a shopper’s smartphone, delving into technology often referred to as “the Internet of things.” This allows Diageo to send customers targeted marketing messages both at retail and after purchase. Such messages include promotional offers (pre-purchase) and cocktail recipes (post-purchase).

Unlike traditional quick response (QR) codes—which have become quite popular in recent years as major companies like Nestlé started using them—the smart packaging from Diageo is especially intelligent in that it can sense whether the bottle is sealed or opened.

Venky Balakrishnan, global vice president of digital innovation at Diageo, told USA Today:

 “People are increasingly expecting more out of their devices. When the environment our bottles are in gets more intelligent, our bottles have to rise to that level of intelligence.”

While the new smart bottle is not yet on shelves, a prototype will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this March.


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