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Dr. Bernard Vrijens of MVW gave a presentation on packaging’s role in patient adherence at the Pharmapack Europe 2014 convention, addressing the growth of active and intelligent packaging innovation within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. He discussed clinical studies of MVW’s smart packaging system, the MEMSCap. The child-resistant MEMSCap is fitted with integrated microcircuits that track and record the date and time a patient opens a vial. The cap comes in two variations, TrackCap® and SmartCap®, both of which are capable of wirelessly transmitting dosing data when used with a MEMSCap reader. SmartCap also features an LCD display that informs patients of the number of doses taken in the past 24 hours and the amount of time elapsed since last dosing.

Overall consensus at Pharmapack was that smart packaging technology will continue to grow within the industry and shift from commercial to both commercial and consumer use. A driver of this trend is the fact that new drug products are emerging and those who make and prescribe them want to ensure patient dosing compliance. A round up of this and other conference highlights can be found via the link.


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