Scotland-based Insignia Technologies has launched what it calls the Stock Rotation smart label, created to cut down on food waste. When the label is applied to a container of fresh food, it begins to change color from yellow to purple on a pre-set timeline. In addition to reacting on the basis of time, the smart label technology also reacts to temperature change as a means of quality control. Citing the statistic that 30-50 percent of food produced never reaches the consumer, Insignia Technologies CEO David Kilshaw, said that he hopes this technology will,

“…Play a critical role in increasing industry efficiency and improving freshness with a low cost and easy to use product.”

By enabling the potential to improve shelf life, Kilshaw believes the Stock Rotation label will help reduce food waste.
This smart label took five years of development and two years of trial research.

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  1. nadd November 12, 2017 at 12:34 am

    i would like to ask either this intelligent label is suitable for food that are already had been cooked?


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