Agrindus, a Brazilian agribusiness, claims that it has lengthened the shelf life of pasteurized fresh whole milk from seven to 15 days. According to the firm, it incorporated silver-based microparticles with antimicrobial and self-sterilizing properties into its bottle packaging.

The firm said it used technology developed by Nanox—also in São Paulo, Brazil. Nanox Chief Executive Luiz Pagotto Simões said the silver microparticles join the polyethylene preform that is used to make plastic bottles. The microparticles have no risk of leaking into the milk because they are inert, he added.

Simões said:

“We already knew use of our antimicrobial and bactericidal material in rigid or flexible plastic food packaging improves conservation and extends shelf life. So we decided to test it in the polyethylene used to bottle grade A fresh milk in Brazil. The result was that we more than doubled the product’s shelf life solely by adding the material to the packaging, without mixing any additives with the milk.”

Nanox said the FDA has already approved bactericidal material for food packaging, and it plans to market the product in Europe and the US, as Brazil does not consume nearly as much fresh milk as these regions do.


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