Cincinnati-based Ampac has created a seven-layer flexible packaging structure for Provodine®, an infection-control product from life sciences company Microdermis Corp. Ampac provided Microdermis with the three-milliliter packette for the smallest size of Provodine.

Princeton, New Jersey-based Microdermis described Provodine as a “next-generation professional antiseptic that meets or exceeds FDA requirements for use as a surgical scrub, pre-operative skin preparation, healthcare personnel hand wash and first aid antiseptic.” Ampac designed the laminate to offer package integrity, barrier, portability and functionality.

According to Harry Corless, Microdermis Vice President of Technical Operations, his company chose the Ampac laminate for its moisture and light barrier properties, as well as its chemical resistance to maintain package integrity. Microdermis also chose the sachet for its straight-line tear that allows the user to squeeze the product directly onto the skin or into a tray, according to Corless.

Ampac prints the product description, user instructions and ingredients on the laminate. The flexible packaging company then sends rollstock of the packette material to Microdermis’ proprietary contract packager.

The Provodine packette won a 2015 AmeriStar Award in the Drug & Pharmaceutical category.


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