Sonoco has introduced a new option for retail food packaging — the TruVue can. The South Carolina-based packaging company positioned the clear plastic can as an alternative to metal cans.

Made with Sonoco’s patented Fusion Freshlock Technology, the multi-layer plastic walls allow consumers to see the product inside the can. The can also features a metal bottom and easy-to-open metal top.

According to company spokesman Brian Risinger, Sonoco has been working on the project for about two years. Risinger acknowledged that the can will compete against Kortec Inc.’s Klear Can. “We’re not working with them, but perhaps trying to accomplish similar things from a marketing standpoint,” he said.

Sonoco said that the TruVue can stands out as the first plastic can to “withstand the rigors of continuous retort systems without overpressure.” The can’s construction provides a more even heat distribution, a quicker retort cycle and greater strength performance, the company added.

Sonoco President and CEO Jack Sanders said:

“With more than 47,000 products competing for attention in the average supermarket, standing out from the crowd is increasingly important. This is especially true for processed and shelf-stable foods like soups, sauces, fruits and vegetables and even wet pet foods – products traditionally sold in a metal can in the center of the store, an area which is losing share to fresh products found on the perimeter. This new solution creates multiple placement opportunities around the store, including high-traffic areas like the perimeter.”


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