Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Chattem has developed new healthcare packaging for its Icy Hot Smart Relief—a reusable, wireless battery-powered device.

The packaging needed to differentiate the device from previous Icy Hot products, while still being recognizable as an extension of the brand, said Nancy Limback, Sanofi Manager, Package Development and Innovation. The package’s custom thermoformed shape and graphics—including bright colors on a black background, a high-gloss UV finish and foil stamping—were designed to meet these requirements.

According to Limback, the packaging was developed by a cross-divisional team, including Sanofi Package Development, Chattem Marketing, R&D and Operations, Sanofi Legal and key vendor partners.

Limback said:

“Sanofi Package Development led the efforts to develop a detailed Design Input document, which included all of the key deliverables for the packaging at the start of the project. Chattem Marketing and Sales provided background about the Icy Hot consumer. The R&D team led the effort around establishing product environmental protection requirements. Barrier requirements were satisfied through the re-sealable pouch used for the electrode pads. The package protection requirement throughout the supply chain process remained intact. Package Development did considerable lab-based testing to ensure the package and product would arrive home with the consumer in an undamaged, unaltered state.”


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