Austin, Tex.-based Salsa maker Ana’s Foods recently adopted a new eco-friendly packaging made by Canada-based injection molder IPL, Inc. Ana’s became the first company to package its products in the SkinnyPack™, an injection-molded polypropylene tub. According to IPL, the container features both a lightweight, printable, flexible film and a strong, rigid plastic frame.

SkinnyPack™ has a square-round hybrid shape that shows graphics on all four sides of the container, said IPL. The container uses 54.8% less plastic than a rigid tub and is 100 percent recyclable, according to IPL.

Before the launch, Ana’s surveyed its consumers about the new container. 87 percent of consumers said that they liked the new design, reported President/CEO Anna Olvera-Ullrich. Additionally, 85 percent said that the new design would attract their attention enough to encourage them to buy the salsa.

Senior Vice President of Ana’s Jim Ullrich said:

“We immediately liked the look of the new tub and felt that it had the potential to replace our existing tub with something that would really attract customers’ attention on the shelves. We also appreciated the minimal use of plastic that made it extremely eco-friendly.”

The SkinnyPack™ won the Diamond Award in the 2015 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The DuPont judges said that the container “highlights the world of possibilities that exist for packaging.”


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