When a beloved brand makes major alterations to its product or packaging, true fans tend to notice. Such proved to be the case when Sailor Jerry Rum decided to change its recipe as part of a major brand relaunch in 2010 and controversy arose. For that reason, William Grant & Sons has been hesitant about changing the iconic packaging—another major aspect of the brand. A lifestyle brand first and foremost, Sailor Jerry also sells clothing with artwork from the legendary Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a famous tattoo artist. Fans have collected the Sailor Jerry pinup girls whose images adorn the label for years. The new packaging will include six new hula girls who appear on the inside front label, now removable so fans can easily continue their collecting.


h/t http://www.thedrinksreport.com/news/2014/15630-stronger-image-for-sailor-jerry-rum-packaging.html

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