Firebaugh, Calif.-based Ruby Fresh has launched new fresh fruit packaging for its pomegranate arils.

The new Ruby Fresh Jewels Grab-N-Go pomegranate aril cups were designed to stand for display in refrigeration units. The cup sleeve provides product information while still keeping the arils visible. The arils come in four and 5.3 ounce cups, which are packaged together in two and four cup packs.

According to Ruby Fresh, its pomegranate arils have been gaining popularity with consumers, both as a recipe ingredient and as a healthy, anti-oxidant rich snack. The cups feature re-sealable lids to maintain freshness and allow the arils to be measured for recipes, according to the company. The design also features a snap-lock enclosure and finger-grabs.

Ruby Fresh’s Jewels cup has been selected as a finalist for best new packaging in the new product awards at the United Fresh Produce Association’s Conference and Expo in Chicago. According to the company, it’s the third consecutive year Ruby Fresh has been recognized for its packaging design.

According to the Ruby Fresh website, the company’s goal is to “provide their customers with the best quality pomegranates and pomegranate arils throughout the year and for any occasion.”


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