While beer packaging has long been thought of as a realm where circumstance is at odds with innovation, global liquid packaging company Sidel has successfully broken the mold.
When beer is exposed to light, iso-alpha acids within the hops begin to break down and combine with the sulfur-containing proteins within the drink. When this happens, beer becomes increasingly “skunked”. This is the reason that beer is bottled in opaque aluminum cans and dark-colored glass bottles.
Sidel has created a layer of opaque, single-layer material with Actis™ gas-barrier technology called the PET bottle. The result: an attractive and familiar-looking beer bottle that is also sustainable with lightweight properties and extended shelf life.

h/t: http://www.packagingeurope.com/Packaging-Europe-News/60859/Sidels-Innovative-New-Beer-Bottle-Gives-the-Appearance-of-Glass.html

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