Runway fashion inspired the packaging design of Revlon’s new beauty tool collection.

Design firm Anthem incorporated lace patterns from Marchesa runway fashions into the design. According to Anthem, the product moved quickly and was a hit on social media sites. The collection encompasses seven of Revlon’s most popular products, including a mirror compact, nail clip and mini tweezer set.

The packaging design was recognized at the GDUSA 2015 American Package Design Awards. Anthem received a Certificate of Excellence in the competition’s Beauty and Personal Care category.

Janice Jaworski, Anthem’s Vice President of Brand Development, Americas, said:

“This recognition acknowledges Anthem’s ability to use design to create brand desirability and influence consumers. Brands who leverage design to create that unique consumer experience—on both the physical and digital shelf—can generate interest, trust and loyalty. In the end, it’s about engaging and connecting with consumers and providing the right brand experience. Ultimately the right experience will drive brand performance.”


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