Hillary Femal, vice president of global marketing for IFCO, recently became the first chairwoman appointed to the Reusable Packaging Association.
The Reusable Packaging Association was founded in 1999 in the spirit of collaboration between supply chain partners to promote reusable packaging. It is comprised of 20 leading members of the packaging industry from manufacturers to distributors with a commitment to principles of sustainability. According to the association’s 
 web site, the RPA’s vision is for reusables to become “the dominant supply chain packaging solution.”

“This year promises to be exciting and productive for our association as we work to expand reusable packaging’s role in supply chains across the country,” Femal said in a statement. “Over the past decade, the use of reusables has grown tremendously, and our membership along with it. Now, the association is poised to support our innovative industry with the launch of our Reusable Packaging Forum, increased end-user engagement, and expanded partnerships with trade groups and academic institutions.”

h/t: http://theproducenews.com/news-dep-menu/test-featured/14844-ifco-s-femal-is-first-female-chairperson-of-rpa

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