Note to readers: There are few packaging products that come along that can truly be described as innovative or disruptive. This story is about one of them. We’re covering it here on based on information curated from a number of sources to offer a more in-depth perspective than you may have found elsewhere.

CleanPath, a line of soaps and household cleaners from the company behind the award-winning Replenish bottle, was recently launched in 2000 Walmart stores and 200 Sam’s Club stores under an exclusive agreement. But the company had its inception about eight years ago while its founder, Jason Foster, was ironing his shirt. Foster noticed that his ironing spray contained mostly water and had an inspirational idea that has the potential to disrupt an entire category of household products. ™

He imagined removing the water and concentrating the other ingredients in a pod refill that would deliver a measured amount into an upper bottle compartment. The consumer would add the water. The benefits would be in sustainability and convenience: Less waste, lower transportation costs and a smaller container that could dispense a larger quantity of product than its size.

Foster, who had no manufacturing or packaging experience, researched to learn if something like this existed in the marketplace. It did not – and so his journey began.

Foster teamed with McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) to help implement his concept. Early in the design process, MBDC consulted Eastman Innovation Labs to help identify a cutting edge material for the bottle. Both the pod and bottle are made of Eastar™ copolyester. In its seventh year, CleanPath engaged Berry Plastics Corp. to automate manufacturing and scale production.

Wal-Mart is selling a number of products from the CleanPath line, including cleaners, hand-sanitizers and soaps. Now that the Replenish bottle and CleanPath product line have found a home on Walmart shelves, Foster will shift focus from manufacturing to licensing the Replenish Refill System to manufacturers of an array of cleaning supplies that can be dispensed in concentrate form.

Visit the links below to learn more about Replenish and CleanPath. The link to the Eastman Innovation Labs offers an historic view of the development process, including the technical challenges.

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