Multi Packaging Solutions has announced their new retail-ready package, aimed at enabling download cards to be marketed in store as stand-alone merchandise. The ‘Spotlight’ package is being used to sell PayDay2 digital download gaming cards by software publisher 505 Games.

The Spotlight package is made from paperboard tray and clear plastic sleeve, allowing it to stand upright in the store without need for hanging on a retail peg board. The clear casing results in full product visibility and many decorative opportunities. Together, these innovations aim to better appeal to potential customers.

“We’ve created the Spotlight package to display download cards with more visual impact alongside console game titles, where consumers are more likely to discover them while browsing for entertainment options,” said Vice President of Global Marketing for Multi Packaging Solutions Erin Willigan.

Nic Ashford, Consultant Vice President for 505 Games also feels that this packaging solution enables the digital product to seem more tangible and appealing.

“With this innovative package, retailers can now successfully merchandise digital-based products, finally solving the age-old problem of how to tap into the ever-growing digital revenue stream,” he said. 


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